Why Daily Active Users In Your App are Important?

Is it possible to save money or even make more by answering this question?

  • Calculate the necessary server capacity: the client won’t have to overpay for unused resources;
  • Build a scaling system architecture
  • Estimate the costs of load-testing
  • Build a development plan that will allow the project to go to market (or present a new version to users) as quickly as possible.

What exactly are we asking?

What if I really don’t know?

Is this important for all projects?

  • Large inbound/outbound traffic: users uploading and downloading HD video, video conferencing for 3+ users,
  • There is a requirement to ensure minimal latency: users are playing an online game, rehearsing musical instruments over a video call, or mixing a DJ set,
  • The application involves long and resource-intensive operations: compressing, converting or processing video, archiving files, routing video/audio calls, processing or generating data with neural networks.

Why not make it with the expectation of many thousands and very intense online at once and for everyone?

What does the developer do with this data?

  • What kind of server you need: on-premise, cloud (AWS, Hetzner, Google Cloud, AliCloud), or a whole network of servers
  • Whether it is possible and necessary to transfer some of the load to the user device (client)
  • Which of the optimization and performance-related tasks need to be implemented immediately and which can be deferred to later sprints

Offtopic: what is the difference between server load and client load?

  • There’s no risk of getting bogged down by platform-specific limitations: video formats, load limits, and other nuances don’t bother us. Everything is handled centrally, so you can quickly make a product for all platforms and release it simultaneously
  • There are no strict requirements for client devices: it’s easier to enter growing markets, such as Africa, SEA, Latin America. Even a super cheap phone, of which there are many in the mentioned regions, can do it
  • Our “non-Instagram” applications for certain platforms, such as web and mobile OS, are very simple. Authorization, feed, download button, and that’s it.
  • Fewer servers and operating costs for the same number of users
  • The user feels that the application is more responsive. In addition, if there are already a lot of clients and we have added complex new features, the responsiveness of the platform will not become lower
  • Users feel more comfortable experimenting with new functionality: it’s implemented on the client, so delays are minimal
  • Internet may not be required during content processing — it saves traffic
  • The uploaded video is published faster: it does not need to be queued for server processing
  • The easier and faster the individual operations on the server, the easier and cheaper it is to scale the server. It’s especially critical when there is a sudden influx of new users

What if we develop just a component for a live project?

So in the end, why are we asking about the number of users?



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