How to Make Picture-in-Picture Mode on Android With Code Examples

Switching to PIP mode

if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= Build.VERSION_CODES.N) {// Что-то связанное с PIP}
<"true" />
val isPipSupported = context.packageManager.hasSystemFeature(PackageManager.FEATURE_PICTURE_IN_PICTURE)
override fun onUserLeaveHint() {...if (isPipSupported && imaginaryCallManager.isInCall)this.enterPictureInPictureMode()}

Interface adaptation

override fun onPictureInPictureModeChanged(isInPictureInPictureMode: Boolean,newConfig: Configuration?) {super.onPictureInPictureModeChanged(isInPictureInPictureMode, newConfig)setIsUiVisible(isInPictureInPictureMode)}


val endCallPendingIntent = getPendingIntent()val endCallAction = RemoteAction(// Иконка для кнопки; цвет будет проигнорирован и заменен на системныйIcon.createWithResource(this, R.drawable.ic_baseline_call_end_24),// Текст кнопки, который не будет показан"End call",// ContentDescription для screen readers"End call button",// Наш PendingIntent, который будет запущен при нажатии на кнопкуendCallPendingIntent)
val pipParams = PictureInPictureParams.Builder().setActions(listOf(endCallAction)).build()this.enterPictureInPictureMode(pipParams)


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