How a Technical Project Manager Saves Your Money and Nerves

Who is an IT project manager?

What tasks a manager performs in Fora Soft

  • assembles the team
  • prepares the infrastructure for the start-up
  • checks the requirements and thinks over the sequence of tasks to be convenient for the client and the team
  • prepares an IT project plan and schedule, so the team and the client always know the demo dates and the end date of the project in advance

Why hire a team led by a PM?

– PM has a technical background and experience in handling projects of various complexity

– The PM is trained to work with the team and will always resolve any problems that arise within the development team

– PM will help save money and nerves


  • IT project manager has specialized knowledge and experience, combining technical and management skills.
  • he’s a single point of contact for all. All information passes through the manager, he is always aware of the project progress and assumes all the IT project risks and resource allocation.
  • the manager helps to save money. This is not only a financial benefit as a result of competent planning and mitigation of risks, but also saves unnecessary worries that something can go wrong.



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