Elearning and virtual classroom software development — what we do

What we develop for e-learning with WebRTC and HTML5

✏️ Whiteboards

  • Drawing — fast technology socket.io makes it feel like a pen and paper — so rapidly lines follow your mouse or finger. Your handwriting is now recognizable and not ugly.
  • Typing — with font and size editable.
  • Shapes — 2D and 3D: square and cube, triangle and pyramid and cone, circle and sphere, parallelogram, trapeze, line.
  • Color and width adjustment — for drawing, typing, shapes.
  • Dictionary — type a word, get a definition, examples, pictures. Among options to integrate we like Wolfram Alpha best.
  • Math formula editor — makes fractions 2-floor with a horizontal line and gives special symbols.
  • Images — upload and insert on the whiteboard, move, and reshape.
  • YouTube videos — pin on the board.
  • Poll — open and close questions, multiple-choice with 1 or more right answers.
  • Document sharing — we usually do pdf, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint but can add other. Write on top of the doc and use any other whiteboard tool.
  • Several whiteboards per class.
  • Raise hand — webinars would be too noisy if everyone could speak. So all but the teacher are muted. Click ‘raise hand’ is a signal for the teacher to unmute.
  • Send files — to the class or directly.
  • Private chat — when you do not want the whole class to read.
  • Access to the whiteboard — could be a mess if all drew at once. So the teacher gives access individually.

How much it costs to develop an online education software product

We develop custom software. Above is what we can do but you may not need all that. We think about what functions your users need and how to make them convenient. No need to hide access to the whiteboard and mute mics in 3–5 people webinars.



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