Chat solutions: what to choose between Firebase, SendBird, Node.js +

  1. Ready-made chat platforms, such as Firechat, SendBird.

Firebase Cloud Messaging

  • Free for products with up to 100 simultaneous users.
  • As a Google product, one can expect stable work when used correctly
  • With comprehensive documentation and high popularity, developers can find any answers quickly, which saves time and money
  • No need to buy an additional server, you can do everything on the Firebase server
  • Thanks to the Firestore database, the servers will automatically come into existence or be eliminated when they are not needed, which will save you a ton of money. Node.js and will make you create scaling separately
  • Data is cached by default and is available for search in chat offline
  • Difficult search inquiries are difficult or impossible to realize
  • Up to 200k simultaneous users in Firebase Realtime Database, up to a million in Firestore
  • Paid from 100 simultaneous users
  • Works slowly when searching offline
  • The developer needs experience working with NoSQL to build a convenient and effective database structure


  • Saving time and money on developing
  • Same advantages as with the Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • Not all functions are possible to realize
  • Same disadvantages as with the Firebase Cloud Messaging


  • Many functions
  • A ready-made UI with limited customization possibilities
  • Scales automatically
  • You can’t realize all functions
  • Not all available functions can be realized the way you see it
  • Not as popular as Firebase and
  • Price

Node.js +

  • Allows realization of any functionality
  • Scales
  • You can choose the database type that suits your product best
  • The chat works quickly
  • Free to use
  • Requires more time and money, as the developer creates all functions from scratch
  • Not everyone can develop the chat. You will need someone with the relevant experience

To sum it up

What to choose?

  • If your chat requires a minimum base functionality, you don’t have high level of requirements to it, then Firechat or a Firebase Cloud Messaging-based solution is the way to go
  • When you expect a chat to be more advanced, take a look at SendBird. Compare monthly payments to SendBird against creating a chat from zero on Node.js and
  • If there are a lot of requirements for a chat or you need lots of customized options, Node.js and are your friends!

Why at Fora Soft we recommend Node.js +

  • Are not bound to any limitations. They can implement any functionality in the future
  • Do not depend on third-party components that developers can just stop updating someday, and your chat will stop working.




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