by Polina S.

Developed a virtual classroom that competes with SAP, Dell, and Ericsson: Braincert.

It’s been the 1st in the world WebRTC + HTML5 classroom with a whiteboard. The jury compared them and 30 more products at Brandon Hall 2017, and BrainCert won bronze. They came to us as a startup with an idea. Together we led this eLearning platform to USD 10 million revenue per year, according to

See a full BrainCert case in our portfolio.

What we develop for e-learning with WebRTC and HTML5

✏️ Whiteboards

  • Drawing — fast technology makes it feel like a pen and paper — so rapidly lines follow your…

By Nikita M.

Our copywriter Nikita sat down with Ali, TapeReal CEO & Founder from Vancouver, to talk about his experience of working with Fora Soft. Ali came to us in August 2020, he wanted to create a video social media. This is how Ali describes the product:

TapeReal is a better version of YouTube. Like,if YouTube was built today instead of 2005, for the people of today. That’s what we’re trying to build. Was Fora Soft your 1st choice?

No, it wasn’t. Before this, I was working with a number of developers and other software developing companies with varying…

By Nikolay T.

Is it possible to achieve less than a second latency in a video broadcast? What if the stream goes to a thousand people? Yes. How? Let’s answer using the project WorldCast Live as an example. We did it using WebRTC. WCL streams HD concerts to an audience of hundreds and thousands of people.

Why would I reduce the broadcast latency?

Latency less than a second in a videoconference is normal, otherwise speaking is nearly impossible. For one-sided streaming, the latency of 2 or even 20 seconds is fine. For example, TV delay is about 6 sec. …

By Nikita M

You know that feeling when you build something for a long time, update and rework it, and this something turns out to be a complete mess? What if several people are working there, and each of them has their own understanding and vision? For example, you spend decades writing a book. The way you see things will inevitably change, you will get new assistants. As soon as the book is ready, you will certainly have to read it once again and get rid of plot mistakes, logic inconsistencies. Then correct grammar, and you’re good to go!


By Ilya B

Starting with Mojave 10.14, Apple has introduced serious changes to app publication. They are about signing and notarizing the apps. If your application is bad in the eyes of Apple, final users will see threatening messages upon the first launch. The messages would ask the users to delete the app, which is not really good for customers, right?

This is the 2nd part of the two-part article on signing and notarizing macOS Electron apps. You can find the 1st part here.

The author is an ElectronJS app developer himself, Around a year ago, faced the problem of…

By Ilya B

Developing a program code always brings joy. You get the instant outcome, you may check it out and see how neat the user experience is.

However, there are some formalities that act as a buzzkill here. Some of them are about publishing an app. Windows and macOS protect their users from malicious software, therefore publishing anything and everything isn’t possible. It’s imperative that the OS knows that the software comes from the trusted developer (signing), and its code doesn’t contain threats to the user (notarizing). Windows has only signing requirements, while Apple has been checking notarization since…

By Nikita E

Many of our customers come up to us asking if we could make an MVP for them. Yep. Even the big huge corporate clients want what used to be a startup fad — and what is now an industry standard.

But what is an MVP? The abbreviation, standing for Minimal Viable Product, is used to imply you hit the market before you’re done with all the features. Why is it that popular then? Is it a fancy way of saying “whatever works is fine”, a bargain solution for low-budget projects… or a misused football term after all?

What is an MVP?

By Dmitry K

The article is based on How is the testing going by Michael Bolton

Imagine that a Project Manager has approached you with a question “how is the testing going?”. We will let you know how and what to answer in this article.

An inexperienced tester will dive into numbers straight away, and his answer will sound like this: “Why, everything’s cool. I’ve completed 234 test cases out of 500. 16 automated tests out of 100 have gone down”. This here is a bad answer. Dry numbers with no context whatsoever do not reflect the state of the…

By Nikolay S, Andrey P, Nikita S, Andrey D, Max E, Nikita M.

Let’s take a look at how to estimate a video streaming platform after the launch.

The combined cost is based on the cost of traffic, data storing, and the server itself.

  • Traffic — the information that goes through our servers. In general, it’s audio and video streams. As a rule of thumb, services require way more money for the outgoing traffic than for the incoming traffic. So, we will only concentrate on the outgoing traffic here
  • Data storing — storing video conference recordings. You can store them…

By Mikhail A.

Apple is the leader on the phone market not just because they produce high-quality smartphones, but also because they, unlike other companies, do pay attention to details. I’ll just tell you how to make an Apple-like application. All we’ll need to do that is just a couple of lines with a code, nothing too complicated. You don’t have to use any external libraries, you can just do with whatever Apple has provided for you.

1. Taptic engine

Fora Soft

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